[ubuntu-us-in] Loco Activity.

Scott Blaydes sblaydes at sbce.org
Sun Oct 24 06:24:13 BST 2010

Mr. Rob Ludwick,
  My rant was not pointed at you.  Sorry if it came across as I was.  I
was replying to Rob <rhbowman at gmail> who seems to have emailed the Loco
via Launchpad in some way that I am not famaliar with, and isn't this
mailing list.

Sorry my reply did not get to the proper recipient.  Again Rob Ludwick,
sorry about this confusion and I hope I did not cause you any stress
over my mistake.

Thank you,
Scott Blaydes

On 10/23/2010 02:59 PM, Rob Ludwick wrote:
> All,
> I have known Simon for several years, and I have not known Simon to be a
> conniving back-stabbing two-faced power-mongering leader.  In fact, he's
> really been quite the opposite, which I though made a good match for the
> Ubuntu Indiana LoCo.  And it was with some sadness I read he was not
> going to be continuing in his role as the leader.
> Simon has been honest and up front about this with the entire group when
> he offered to let someone else take over the reigns of the LoCo on the
> mailing list a few months back.
> Priorities change, and both Mike and Simon have stated they couldn't
> give this group the priority it deserved.  
> If people have ideas for a meetup, installfest, publicity event, etc,
> this mailing list is the place for people to get some steam behind the
> idea and to ask for volunteers.  
> If you would like to see what other state-wide groups are doing I
> recommend everyone read the lessons-learned series on this site:
> http://ubuntu-us.org/
> --Rob
> On Sat, 2010-10-23 at 05:27 +0000, Scott Blaydes wrote:
>> Rob,
>>   You seem to come across a bit harsh to just call for Simón to
>> relinquish control of the group without being any more active in the
>> Loco yourself.  If Simón needs to step down, what grand plan do you have
>> for the group?  It seems like it would be more convincing if you would
>> offer up some ideas for the group to be more active rather than just
>> call for someone to step down.  One of the great things about Open
>> Source and Free software is that everything doesn't not have to come
>> from a single "leader", we are all able to step up and contribute.  You
>> don't have to have "control of the loco team" to show leadership and get
>> things going.  Being a leader is a trait, not a title.  Instead of
>> worrying about who's name is where on the website, how about leading by
>> example and starting some of activity you think the group needs.
>> Sorry if I took the tone of your message wrong, but I know how much hard
>> work Simón put forth for Ubuntu in Indiana, before there even were LoCo
>> teams.  Simón is one on the nicest and most even tempered ppl you will
>> meet, and deserves a lot more respect than what I got from your post.
>> Since he and Michael have both talked about passing on the torch, it is
>> rude to ask them to step down when no one else has stepped up.
>> Just my 2 cents....
>> Scott Blaydes
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