[ubuntu-us-in] Ubuntu Indiana gathering?

mokurai at earthtreasury.org mokurai at earthtreasury.org
Thu Nov 11 18:55:00 GMT 2010

> There was some interest raised as to having a gathering, through this
> communication channel. However, this isn't a very way to have a
> conversation.
> I invite any of you who receives this who is not on the official Ubuntu
> Indiana mailing list to please join that, particularly if you'd like to
> continue this conversation.
> I think the last flurry of e-mail communication raised this as a
> worthwhile topic to explore:
> We've been having release parties as a tradition, and because we're
> asked to by the larger community, but that doesn't stop us from having
> other meetings.
> What sorts of gatherings/events would people be interested in having?
> hosting? attending?

IRC channel
Installfest. Bloomington, IUPUI, IUPUC (Columbus) are the most convenient
for me.
Edubuntu fest. Invite parents, children, teachers, others

I also work  with One Laptop Per Child and Sugar Labs on education
software and e-learning materials. I'm available for demos and talks.

Netbook computers cost less than printed textbooks, and Indiana allows
school corporations to buy computers from the textbook budget. There are
numerous projects to produce electronic textbook replacements under
Creative Commons or GPL licenses.

> Simón

I'll see about getting this Webmail system to handle character sets
correctly. Unicode, anyone? Linux has just added the last of the modern
writing systems, Mongolian. OLPC XOs don't work in Mongolia when it gets
to 30 below, so we have to tell the kiddies to go inside. ^_^

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