[ubuntu-us-in] The state of Evolution these days

Jason Corfman computers at corfyscorner.com
Thu Feb 5 20:08:54 GMT 2009

I am almost the reverse when it comes to Evolution. I actually switched 
from Thunderbird to Evolution a couple years ago. I didn't switch 
because I was having problems with Thunderbird, I switched because 
Evolution syncs up perfectly (or nearly perfectly) with my Palm (first 
it was a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA, then it was a Palm Treo 755p smartphone). 
That is one feature that is lacking in Thunderbird (unfortunately, 
unless something has changed that I'm not aware of), and I haven't found 
another program in Ubuntu that syncs as well with calendars and 
contacts. I'm used to using different programs in Windows (there I use 
Thunderbird for personal email and I use Palm Desktop for contacts and 
calendars), so if anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears. I would like to 
move back to Thunderbird.

I will say that I think that Thunderbird is a better email program, but 
Evolution fits my needs better at this time. Although I haven't had any 
of the problems you report below in Evolution. It is slower than 
Thunderbird, the spam filter doesn't work as well, and it isn't as 
customizable, but I haven't had any major problems.

Jason "Corfy" Corfman

Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>    OK, for all of you that were put off Evolution when Thunderbird and 
> other, better choices became available are probably curious if Evolution 
> ever got their stuff together.
>   They haven't. Don't bother looking.
>   Starting from nothing- completely empty, nothing imported, I got it 
> set up, fell in love with the linking to Google for scheduling, though 
> it was incapable of saving an address book on Google, something I 
> thought was working from long ago.
>   Very soon I found myself locked, completely, a'la Microsoft, when I 
> hit the reply button.  It locked when I tried to edit the 
> addressbook-setup.  It locked on occasion when I went to send simple 
> messages.
>   In fact, the only time it didn't lock up, was when it was sitting 
> still. So at least they've made that much progress.
>   If anyone's developing for them, here- can ya STOP trying to connect 
> it to new places for new reasons, and simplify what you have, so I could 
> make it through the day without grabbing my machine's power cord?
>   Yeah, it's a rant...but this is Linux. If people don't rant, nothing 
> will change. I spent years in Evolution. I loved where it was going, but 
> the lockups and reboots were too much for me. That's been YEARS AGO.
>   Note that this message was composed in Thunderbird, and I'll be going 
> manually to google to deal with the calendar. THIS IS BETTER THAN 
>   Thanks; sorry to just dump, but this is probably the longest-running 
> inept software we have that we can't get rid of.

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