[ubuntu-us-in] The state of Evolution these days

Brian Fahrlander wheeldweller at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 18:45:59 GMT 2009

   OK, for all of you that were put off Evolution when Thunderbird and 
other, better choices became available are probably curious if Evolution 
ever got their stuff together.

  They haven't. Don't bother looking.

  Starting from nothing- completely empty, nothing imported, I got it 
set up, fell in love with the linking to Google for scheduling, though 
it was incapable of saving an address book on Google, something I 
thought was working from long ago.

  Very soon I found myself locked, completely, a'la Microsoft, when I 
hit the reply button.  It locked when I tried to edit the 
addressbook-setup.  It locked on occasion when I went to send simple 

  In fact, the only time it didn't lock up, was when it was sitting 
still. So at least they've made that much progress.

  If anyone's developing for them, here- can ya STOP trying to connect 
it to new places for new reasons, and simplify what you have, so I could 
make it through the day without grabbing my machine's power cord?

  Yeah, it's a rant...but this is Linux. If people don't rant, nothing 
will change. I spent years in Evolution. I loved where it was going, but 
the lockups and reboots were too much for me. That's been YEARS AGO.

  Note that this message was composed in Thunderbird, and I'll be going 
manually to google to deal with the calendar. THIS IS BETTER THAN 

  Thanks; sorry to just dump, but this is probably the longest-running 
inept software we have that we can't get rid of.

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