[ubuntu-us-in] getting Jaunty... responsibly... locally..?

David Ernst david.ernst at davidernst.net
Wed Apr 22 13:35:01 BST 2009

So, I put off my scheduled hardware upgrade with the plan of just
running Jaunty on it from day 1 (I must admit, I really don't enjoy
the process of installing OSes, even though Ubuntu is the easiest OS
I've ever installed).  I should have all of the hardware today, and
I'll want to get my official copy of Jaunty very soon after it's

I'm sure there's a million people who will also want to download it
very soon after it's available.  Which leads me to wonder: what's the
best way to do that?  Surely a million people each downloading 700M is
not good for ubuntu.com, they have some mirror sites but not all that

Should I just join bit-torrent?  Does IU or someone else in Indiana
have ways to get?  Any advice?


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