[ubuntu-us-in] Fwd: Intrepid Release Parties!

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Tue Oct 14 14:22:39 BST 2008

Simón Ruiz wrote:
> Indy people: Where's a good restaurant? Family friendly that also
> serves beer, big enough to handle our group, tasty, and on the less
> than expensive end of things are the preferences I have.

I was thinking that Bucca di Beppo would be in the spirit of Ubuntu
since it's a family style restaurant (i.e. you order large entrees to

Charleston's is also good but it's more of a typical restaurant.

> Speaking of group size: our last party had a couple dozen people show
> up over the course of the day, maybe a dozen at a time (based on a
> quick scan of my memories). It may be good to have a poll to see who
> plans on coming after we get a specific date/time/place ironed out so
> we have some idea of size to give the restaurant a heads up.

I'll set something up on the wiki.

> And someone please remind me to post information over on the forums. I
> know there are more than a few people who use our forums and not the
> mailing list, but I often forget to announce stuff over there because
> I'm primarily a mailing list type of guy. :-(

Me too.  I'll try to remember to use the forums more.

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