[ubuntu-us-in] Intrepid Release Party and IRC meetings

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Tue Oct 14 14:12:11 BST 2008

Seth Dudenhofer wrote:
> Have we hammered out any solid plans for this? 

No we haven't.  We've picked a date (Saturday, November 1, 2008) and a
general location (a restaurant in Indianapolis).  Someone objected to
the Claddagh that we met at for Gutsy/7.10.  Any suggestions?

> Also have we had an IRC meeting recently?

They're still scheduled for the 2nd Monday of the month at 9:00 PM but
I've forgotten to attend for several months.  I'll add it to my calendar
so I get a reminder.  We haven't had too much to discuss recently though
and from what I've seen, when things need to get discussed the
discussion happens on this mailing list.

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