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I was going to mention the addictive nature of the project but I thought I would be laughed off the mailing list. Yes. It is addictive. Another thing that is possible and needed is the labeling of locations. I have been working on labeling local restaurants and other attractions. 

Tons of fun. It is like a game. I would compare it to duplicating your local city in Sim City. 

Game on!
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Heheh, yeah, just remember to set a time limit or something; it can be
really addictive.

I started off with "Hm, the roads in my addition look horrendous, let
me clean them up so they represent reality a little better."

Then I went down the road and cleaned up some major streets and some
of the neighboring neighborhoods.

Then I traced out the section of the rivergreenway walking trail that
we most use.

Then I traced out one of the buildings in my area...

At this point I forced myself to stop, because I could just keep
coming up with "Oh, just one more thing" for as long as I let myself.

Reminds me of the Civilization series of games; "Just one more turn
and I can walk away...Just one more turn and I can walk away..."



P.S. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Beginners%27_Guide

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> I found that project a few months back. I don't have a GPS but I just sat down and learned to edit in a few minutes and start plugging away. I would recommend everyone join the project. Imagine how much we could get done if each of us contributed an hour a week.  It is painless and usually I listen to some good music and have a beer while I am at it.

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