[ubuntu-us-in] Thoughts on linux class

Jason Corfman computers at corfyscorner.com
Mon Feb 18 22:13:07 GMT 2008

That depends a lot on what type of people you are targeting. Some will 
need help with knowing how to use web browsers, email programs, and word 
processors (sad, but true). Others you could obviously skip over or skim 
over that stuff and get to harder things.

I know there were two things I struggled with as a new user to Linux. 
The first was the file structure. After being so used to finding my 
programs in C:\Program Files\ or my My Documents file in C:\Documents 
and Settings\{user}\My Documents, it took me a while to figure out where 
Linux had put things and wanted to put things. I also had problems 
finding where my CDs and USB drives were when they didn't automatically 
appear on my desktop. These things are fairly second nature to me know, 
but can be frustrating to a new user.

The other thing I struggled with, although to a much lesser extent, was 
what programs did what. Granted, I had a good foundation working with 
open-source programs on Windows, so I was fairly well set with the 
basics (Firefox, OpenOffice.org, GIMP, etc.). But some of the other 
programs weren't quite as obvious, and none are obvious to someone who 
has never heard of them before, unless their names are descriptive.

Along a similar line of thought, the command line in particular took me 
some time to get used to. I knew the DOS commands to do some simple 
stuff (directory list, copy, move, rename, etc.), but they didn't always 
work in Linux, and it took a while to find out what the commands were 
that I was supposed to be using. I still find myself typing "dir /o/w/p" 
every now and then on the Linux command line. Of course, I find myself 
typing "ls" a lot in DOS, so it is even, I guess.

Anyway, just my two cents worth.


Seth Dudenhofer wrote:
> Hey all!
> So I have hit the forums asking for input, but I figured not everyone 
> checks there.
> So, I am going to be giving a basic/basic advanced linux class for 
> some of the techs that I work with. With the hope that as I gave back 
> to the community they will also in time. But I am going to be covering 
> a lot of information in a short amount of time.
> What kinds of things do you think should be included in this "class" I 
> am already thinking of some basic terminal commands, where to get 
> help, I will probably also include how to give back to the community. 
> Also after the class me and friend will be offering install help, if 
> wanted/needed.
> In the next couple days I will get my basic outline on both here and 
> the forum for input. But if you could let me know what you think that 
> would be great!!!
> thanks!
> Seth

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