[ubuntu-us-in] Thoughts on linux class

Seth Dudenhofer sdudenhofer at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 21:15:25 GMT 2008

Hey all!

So I have hit the forums asking for input, but I figured not everyone checks

So, I am going to be giving a basic/basic advanced linux class for some of
the techs that I work with. With the hope that as I gave back to the
community they will also in time. But I am going to be covering a lot of
information in a short amount of time.

What kinds of things do you think should be included in this "class" I am
already thinking of some basic terminal commands, where to get help, I will
probably also include how to give back to the community. Also after the
class me and friend will be offering install help, if wanted/needed.

In the next couple days I will get my basic outline on both here and the
forum for input. But if you could let me know what you think that would be


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