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chicagonpg chicagonpg at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 05:31:19 GMT 2008

Sounds good. Nice way to get Linux out their!!!

three at threethirty.us wrote:
> I just signed up on this site called trygnulinux.com its a place where
> they offer over the phone tech support for Free Software. 
> Here is so info from the About page (I copied it word for word because
> i dont wanna get any of it wrong :) )
>   About
>     The Mission
> One of the major roadblocks to the growth of free and open source
> software is a lack of support for the end-user. As techies, many of us
> don't think twice about searching for an answer, reading forum
> threads, going to IRC, or even running scripts.
> But to a whole new breed of free software users, this process is
> foriegn and complicated. So we are here to reach out to those
> frustrated users who want to try free software and need help getting
> comfortable.
>     Who are we?
> TryGNULinux.com was started by David Sterry, a computer support guy,
> developer, and free software advocate. We currently have 3 other
> members ready to provide support and at this stage in the game, we
> need help with publicity so new users can find us.
> If you'd like to get involved, please fill out the join us form.
>     Privacy policy
> * We will never rent or sell your information to third parties for any
> purpose.
> * In order to provide the service, we need to share your contact
> information with at least one of our screened, support providing
> volunteers. These volunteers are permitted to access your information
> only for the purpose of providing free support and may not sell your
> information, attempt to sell you a product or service or to coerce you
> into buying any third-party product or service.
> * At your option, we will erase your name and contact information from
> our database. We do keep server logs and support notes indefinitely to
> aid in better serving those in need of support in the future.
> David is taking this super serious and because of that I think it has
> promise. 
> Here is an audio message from the founder
> http://trygnulinux.com/TryGNULinux.com.intro.mp3

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