Ubuntu Idaho! Paul Wilch

Curtis Elgin candali at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 00:44:16 GMT 2008

Hey Paul,

Sorry for the late response. Currently we have and IRC channel to hang
out in. The channel #ubuntu-idaho and I'm logged in most of the time.
Currently I have the domain ubuntuidaho.org registered and I have it
sitting on Google Apps. All I have done with it so far is set up some
example stuff like links, wiki, members page with links to user sites
ect. We should all have a talk on what we want to do for the site and
what not.

A little quick Bio on me

Curtis Elgin
Age: 29

Currently at home with son and attending school at ITT. I am married and
have son who is 2 1/2. I've been bouncing around Linux since 1998, I
started with Red Hat 5 then moved to Mandrake and after that SuSE. I
made my final switch when Ubuntu 5.04 came out.

I am currently running 8.10 on my HP lappy, and soon will be running
Mythbuntu on my HP desktop.

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