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Tue Jan 6 03:56:14 GMT 2009

Great to see some activity on this list after several months of none.

A quick bit about me. I am Nick Fox. I own Fox Media Systems, LLC (
www.foxmediasystems.com ) based in Des Moines. Currently the business
venture is in the startup phase. The Business is Focused in Linux products.
I have been involved with some form of Linux or another for over 5 years
now. For the last 2 or so, I have become a core developer on the Mythbuntu
Project ( www.mythbuntu.org ). If you have not heard of the project yet
please feel free to check out the site, and even download a copy,. or if you
are running Ubuntu already, you can install directly from our website.

I have a great intrest in getting a LoCo for Iowa. I have some pretty strong
business contacts in the Des Moines area including a local ISP. I cannot
make any hard commitments at this time but if some more people come forward
and would like to help get things going I can look into further investing
time and resources towards things the LoCo might need.

Great to hear from everyone, hope there are more out there yet!


On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 8:53 PM, Jared Brees <j8t8b at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello, all.
> My name is Jared Brees, and I've been using Linux since early January of
> 2007.
> It started when a relative's desktop computer acquired a massive malware
> infection. (It was running XP Home.) I had already been on the lookout for a
> free (of charge) operating system for my laptop, which had a similar
> experience, and I had already formatted the hard drive several times. (The
> tech support for the manufacturer had led me to believe that the XP boot
> disks were the same thing as the XP install disc, which was obviously not
> the case.)
> I was (sort of) running MINIX 3 on the laptop at that time, and later I
> managed to burn a Kubuntu Live! CD, which I used almost daily on the
> desktop.
> In March of 2008, just after I moved to my current place of residence, I
> installed Ubuntu or Kubuntu on a Pentium III, 750MHz/256MB RAM system that I
> had acquired. I say "Ubuntu or Kubuntu" because I can't remember which I
> installed first. Over the course of the next month, I switched back and
> forth between Ubuntu and Kubuntu several times. Finally, I settled on
> Ubuntu.
> Eventually, I upgraded to my current system, which is rather powerful, even
> considering what is commonly available in stores today. (If you want to see
> the specifications, go to: "
> http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3265/3159826896_be1693e9fb_o.jpg".) I now
> have it setup as a multi-boot, with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Debian, Back Track 3
> Beta, Slackware, and Ubuntu Studio. Ubuntu is my primary; I rarely use any
> of the others, and when I do, it is almost always Kubuntu, usually for
> troubleshooting/as an alternative operating system.
> All that said, I must admit, I used to be a huge Windows fan. Of course, I
> didn't know that Linux (or anything other than Windows and Macintosh)
> existed, much less anything else about it. I grew up on Windows 98 Second
> Edition, and loved it. I couldn't stand Windows XP when it first came out,
> and I never really became very fond of it; I just sort of "got used to" it.
> I would probably feel comfortable saying that the thing I value most about
> Linux is its (somewhat relative) stability. Security makes a close second,
> though; the price is a nearby third.
> Oh, and if we revamp the Iowa LoCo team, I'd be interested in joining,
> though I can't commit to anything as of right now.
> --
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