A LoCo Resolution?

David Tomaschik david at tuxteam.com
Thu Jan 14 23:02:33 GMT 2010

Well, support is normally part of an Installfest, but perhaps that needs
to be better advertised.  I'd like to organize one for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS,
and make concerted efforts to "squash annoyances", and report any bugs
that are found during the event.  I'd like to have some small informal
"howto" sessions as well.

While I sympathize with the drive time for you, I think if we define
"central" as "minimizing the average drive time of participants", we'd
find ourselves back in Atlanta.  It's worth investigating though.


Phillip Tarrant wrote:
> agreed, perhaps an IRC meeting would be better for those of us who
> can't drive to hotlanta often.
> or somewhere more central in the state. Personally I dislike the city
> due to traffic...the 2-3 hour drive time isn't exactly a turn on either.
> An Idea:
> While I have never been to an "Installfest" (I have always be able to
> install ubuntu fine)
> Perhaps a "config fest" or "annoyance squash" should be something to
> think about.
> Many people can get ubuntu installed fine, but can't configure things
> to their liking, or can't get that one program to do what they want
> and end up leaving...or just dealing with it with a huge chip on their
> shoulder.
> Many people are scared of the forums and trying to fix it themselves
> for fear of "breaking it"
> Not everyone has the geek-innate ability to properly form a search
> phrase for google... :)
> I have little doubt that Ubuntu (and modern distros) can take a larger
> percentage of the market share and be all most users need (with the
> exception of gaming...) but they don't know "how to do stuff" after
> its installed.
> On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:51 PM, David Tomaschik <david at tuxteam.com
> <mailto:david at tuxteam.com>> wrote:
>     Since it's a new year, and new years traditionally bring about
>     resolutions, I'd like to see a resolution for the LoCo.  Be it an
>     Installfest, a face to face, or whichever, we should strive to
>     have some sort of activity at least once every 2 months.  This
>     will provide strengthening to the community aspect of the LoCo,
>     even if it doesn't benefit the technical side of things.
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