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Mon Oct 13 21:53:25 BST 2008

Thank you very much, I will give that a try !


Kevin Fishburne wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-10-12 at 16:52 -0500, David McMillan wrote:
>> Checked in once before with a problem.  When I receive a video the 
>> system picks "Movie Player (default)" for solution.  With Movie Player, 
>> I often get an "error notice", or an "error occurred, could not 
>> demultiplex stream".
>> I need a solution, any suggestions ?
>> McMillan
> You might have better luck using VLC as your primary media player for 
> movies. You can make it the default application for various file types 
> by right-clicking the file, choosing /Properties/, then clicking the 
> /Open With/ tab. If VLC is already in the list of available 
> applications you can click it to make it the default application to 
> open the file with. If not, you can click the /Add/ button to select 
> VLC or enter it as the custom command "vlc". If you have various file 
> types whose default app associations you want to change you may need 
> to follow this procedure for each of them.
> GNOME has a global setting for the default "multimedia player" that 
> you can change as well, although that setting is probably overridden 
> by the procedure I described above when using Nautilus (the file 
> manager) to open video files. It can be found under /System/, 
> /Preferences/, /Assistive Technologies/. Click the /Preferred 
> Applications/ button, then click the /Multimedia/ tab. Change the 
> listbox to /Custom/ and enter "vlc" in the /Command/ field.
> Unfortunately a lot of multimedia content available on the Internet 
> uses proprietary audio and video codecs. Some examples include MP3, 
> DivX, WMA, WMV, MOV, and Adobe Flash. People have gone to great 
> lengths to reverse engineer these file formats in order to allow open 
> source operating systems to play them, but since they're chasing 
> moving targets it's difficult to maintain 100% compatibility with all 
> multimedia files. Here is some information on open source multimedia 
> file formats that you might find useful:
> My personal favorites are XviD for video and FLAC or Vorbis for audio.
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