Changing ownership on floppy

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Thu Oct 2 21:19:56 BST 2008

What's your definition of 'automount'?  A floppy disk will never
automount on being inserted as floppy drives give no indication of this
status, unlike optical or USB drives.  That fstab line should allow you
to mount via 'mount /dev/fd0' as a normal user, and it will be owned as
the user that performed the action. 


Eric Weir wrote:
> Thanks, Kevin. What I've got is "something like, but certainly not 
> identical. In my condition of relative ignorance, it looks to me like I 
> shouldn't be having the experience I'm having. [Does it say it should 
> automount and that it's owned by user?].
> /dev/fd0    /media/floppy0    auto    rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8    0    0
> Again, any insights would be appreciated.
> Sincerely,
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> Kevin Fishburne wrote:
>> Make sure your floppy line in /etc/fstab looks something like:
>> # Floppy Drive
>> /dev/fd0    /media/floppy0    auto    rw,noauto,user,sync    0    0
>> It should automount floppy disks upon insertion and double-clicking 
>> the floppy drive under Places, Computer. I don't know what kind of 
>> permissions will be used, as the floppy disks are probably FAT16/32 
>> which don't really use permissions. They'll probably be set to 
>> read/write for the user who mounted the floppy drive though.
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>> On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 15:17 -0400, Eric Weir wrote:
>>> I have some old files on floppies that I want to copy to my hard disk. I 
>>> am able to mount the drive only with sudo on the terminal. After it's 
>>> mounted, ownership is root. When I try to change that by sudoing chown, 
>>> I am told "Operation not permitted." I thought sudo gave you root 
>>> privileges. Is there a way around this Catch-22?
>>> At the risk of ticking off people who otherwise might be inclined to 
>>> help, I have to say that this is one of the things that's really 
>>> irritating about Linux, and that is driving me away from it. I have been 
>>> patiently -- well, honestly, sometimes pretty *impatiently* -- trying to 
>>> understand it, assuming that eventually things that used to mystify 
>>> would become intuitive.
>>> I guess some have. Probably many have, given where I started. But over a 
>>> year into this and I can't even use my own frigging floppy drive without 
>>> asking for help? [I checked a couple books I have. I went to 
>>> for help with the commands. I posted on another forum. 
>>> Two hours have passed. Now I'm trying you guys.] I'm *tired* of this.
>>> If you can forgive the rant, I'd appreciate any suggestions.
>>> Sincerely,
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>>> Eric Weir
>>> Decatur, GA  USA
>>> eeweir at <mailto:eeweir at>

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