What kind of graphics card?

Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Wed Jun 4 17:43:55 BST 2008

Eric Weir wrote:
> It's beginning to appear that my hardware is all screwed up. I am at a 
> turning point. My intention was to see if I could get a decent 
> installation of Linux running on this ancient system. If I could. If I 
> could demonstrate to myself that I can get a system set up, that I don't 
> continually have to be tinkering with, I'd go out and by a new machine 
> and put Linux on it. Otherwise, I'd go out and get me an iMac.
> I am torn. The open-source idea and community are extremely appealing. 
> I've convinced myself, through my own experience and what I've seen of 
> others' systems, that the Linux route is definitely appealing.But I'm 
> tired of fiddling. I don't want to have to be continually doing this.I 
> want to use the system, not continually be working on it, especially 
> since my experience and understanding are limited.
> If I thought I'd have more success with a new machine -- even really 
> good ones are not that expensive anymore -- I'd go out and buy one 
> today. Given the problems I've had with Linux on this machine, I'm not 
> confident that that would be the case.

My advice is to buy a computer with linux already installed. The seller
has chosen hardware that required as little tinkering as possible, and
then went ahead and did any tinkering needed for you! Here are a few
established vendors:


I have the Dell 1420N myself.


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