Paul Cartwright ubuntu at
Fri Apr 4 21:02:02 BST 2008

On Fri April 4 2008, Joshua Chase wrote:
> I know Eric Lockhart was having problems with Hardy Network configuration
> too. He set a static IP, and if he rebooted, it would jsut drop all the
> info, he would have to ifdown, change to dhcp, then ifup, then reassign the
> static IP agian..
> Craziness I tell ya...

my problem wasn't like that. All fixed now, I reinstalled, and updated:)
now running 2.6.24-14 and back on the net. I think one of my updates got 
terminated early, things didn't finish.... just this time I noticed, during 
an update, that it was sitting there. I thought it was taking too long, so I 
looked ont he screen, and there was a MORE- so I hit enter, and it was asking 
me for the default window manager, I had to hit a "1" or a "2".. running 2, 
kde4 !
and I've run on static networks before, I know the drill. Mine was just a 
( self ) screwed up system.. luckily I have a separate /home, so reinstalling 
wasn't too painful.

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