Face to Face: Athens location

Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Tue Apr 1 19:27:23 BST 2008

Jon Reagan wrote:
> That's basically what I meant.  If the lunch rush isn't too bad, then I see no 
> reason why we can't hold it at 1pm.  
> So, here's where the f2f meeting stands:
> Saturday, April 12th at 1pm:
> Transmetropolitan
> 145 E. Clayton St.
> Athens, GA 30601

I'll be there. Transmetropolitan sounds good. If we're certain 1PM is 
the time, I can send an announcement to the Free IT Athens volunteer 
list and to CHUGALUG.

I'm fine with meeting up anytime from 1-4. I've never been to 
Transmetropolitan, but I don't think most downtown restaurants are very 
crowded until the evening.


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