Screen Resolution

Bill N billisnice at
Tue Oct 23 11:44:04 BST 2007

My internet was down last night,  I Know I am using nVidia on my
motherboard.  I think it happens when i am using firefox and run into
a page with flash on it.

I am going to try

On 10/22/07, Kevin Fishburne <kevinfishburne at> wrote:
> I've had some problems with (I think) the nVidia drivers crashing X by
> repeatedly switching screen modes after resizing or full-screening VLC,
> and an X freeze while running the Blinkbox screen saver, but nothing
> else. When does the screen resolution change, what driver are you using,
> and what is your display configuration? I'm using the nVidia
> Ubuntu-provided restricted driver with a dualhead setup (one video card)
> using TwinView.
> Kevin
> Bill N wrote:
> > My screen resolution changes at times. Any solutions? I already
> > reinstalled Gusty.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> >
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