Gutsy Install Fest Flyers and Rick's ALE talk

Nick Ali nali at
Wed Oct 10 16:02:55 BST 2007

Josh has finished up designing a flyer that we would like to
distribute for the November 10th Gutsy install fest. You can download
it and see it under "Gutsy Gibbon Install Fest" at

We would like to distribute these to bookstores, coffee shops,
libraries, schools and colleges, mom & pop computer stores, and big
electronic retail stores if possible.

If you have a printer, print them out and put them up everywhere.

Josh will be bringing some printed out flyers to Rick's Ubuntu Server
talk at ALE Thursday night, so you can grab some from him if you will
be attending.

If you blog, please post the flyer (or the smaller resized image from
the wiki page above) and a link to the wiki
( or to If you are part of LUG, see if they can
post about it as well.


PS. Brian beat to me it already, but here it is again: Rick will be
talking about the Ubuntu Server distribution at the ALE meeting
Thursday, Oct 11th, 7:30pm, at Emory.

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As part of ALE's recognition of the scheduled October 19th release
of Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon", and in consideration of the upcoming
Ubuntu GA / ALE joint Install Fest set for November 10th, our monthly
ALE Central Meeting on Thursday, October 11, 2007 will be:

"Planning the Future of Ubuntu Server"
   presented by Rick Clark
   Ubuntu Server Team Manager,
   Canonical, Ltd

This presentation will provide an overview of the current and potential
directions for the Server Edition distribution of Ubuntu Linux. The talk
will address the new features found in Ubuntu Server 7.10, plus look
at some of the tentative plans for development of the 8.04 release.
Discussions will also include details of the strategic partnerships that
Canonical has entered into, with a special focus on the Vmware
components. The Ubuntu Server team is also very interested in
learning what features ALE members would like to see in their
professional Server OS, so open discussion will be encouraged.

Rick Clark has complete engineering responsibility for the Ubuntu Server
Edition as manager of the Ubuntu Server Team for Canonical Ltd, the
company behind Ubuntu Linux. Prior to his involvement with Ubuntu, Rick
worked in various system and security architecture roles for large financial
institutions and pharmaceutical companies. In the 1990's, Rick owned and
operated an ISP in Gainesville, Florida. In 1995 he helped with the creation
of, and a few years later founded


Meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School are at

We should be in our regular meeting space,
bottom floor, west end, lecture room 1C.
(Charles Shapiro will be moderating)


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