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Chris Crisafulli itnet7 at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 1 02:40:43 GMT 2010


I wanted to take a moment to share some of the information that was
passed on to the LoCo Contacts list, here are the links with a short
description for each. 


"Ubuntu Hour: make your own - instructions" - Ubuntu South African Local
Community Team. Their team had a pretty successful Ubuntu hour and they
wanted to share with others how they went about getting is started.


Daniel Holbach has started video casting Ubuntu Development. He is doing
live sessions on ustream, and you are able to join the session and ask
questions real time. I am pretty sure the archived episodes will be

Here is a link for the first one mentioned in the loco-contact link




Charles Proffit from the Beginner's Team and Ubuntu New York  LoCo,
shared with the list another way for beginners involved with Ubuntu and
LoCo Teams can easily contribute. The release cycle Testing was
spearheaded by the Italian LoCo and they have had great success. If
anyone has an interest in getting involved with the release cycle
testing please add an agenda item for our next team meeting: 


Here is the original e-mail sent to the list if you would like to hear
what Charles had to say on release cycle Testing!



If you are involved with Translations and would like to share your
experiences, David Planella and the translation teams are working on
creating Translations Stories for the Natty Cycle. If you have been
working on translations and would like to share your rewarding
experience, and showcase why you love doing translations feel free to
hit the following wiki: 


Here is David's original e-mail, if you are interested in finding out
more about translations and this topic.



Our very own Chris Johnston has sent out some great info on changes that
He and the LoCo Directory Developers (Thanks Michael Hall and everyone
else involved!) have been making to the LoCo Directory. Some of the
highlighted changes are as follow: events will now be displayed in local
time for the venue, and you will have the ability to disable
registration on the LoCo Directory, just in case you have another place
you would prefer to have people register (facebook, meetup, et al.)



I hope that everyone had a great Holiday, We've had a couple of new
people join the team on Launchpad. Welcome aboard on behalf of the team!
I will be sending you a welcome aboard letter that explains some ways
you can learn more about the team, and hopefully get involved!

Thanks for your time,

Chris Crisafulli
Florida Team Contact

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