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I understand and figured that would be the case. The offer is always open if
anything changes. Looking forward to talking on Saturday.

Jamal Fanaian

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 2:43 PM, Vikram Dhillon <dhillonv10 at gmail.com>wrote:

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>         Thank you very much everyone for replying to this message, I
> appreciate
> you help very much Jamal, but I don't think my parents would be like
> this, my apologies regarding that. Guys I also personally acknowledge
> all the positive criticism I receive, it reminds me to be realistic not
> idealistic.
> Chris did point out a very important thing which I forgot to mention,
> that is: You don't have to be a programmer to be a part on this project.
> You can help in any way possible. I am going to ask Leann, who is the
> leader of Kernel QA Team to help me out with this as soon as we get our
> basic idea planned out. The proposal that I had put forth is a bit
> incomplete because I don't know some parts of the puzzle that we are
> going to make use other than Gooby and meta data analysis. That's why I
> want to talk to you guys on Saturday. One request for Chris, can you
> please elaborate on making gooby available on th website part, do you
> want me to post a blog entry regarding gooby or something of such order.
> One other important thing is that, the people that Chris mentioned, if
> they are okay with the roles he proposed then I think we have the roles
> problem out of the way. I look forward to getting this project underway
> and if anyone needs help with gooby or any other software please email me.
> Thanks again everyone for helping out.
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> Regards,
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