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Vikram Dhillon dhillonv10 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 19:43:11 BST 2009

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	Thank you very much everyone for replying to this message, I appreciate
you help very much Jamal, but I don't think my parents would be like
this, my apologies regarding that. Guys I also personally acknowledge
all the positive criticism I receive, it reminds me to be realistic not

Chris did point out a very important thing which I forgot to mention,
that is: You don't have to be a programmer to be a part on this project.
You can help in any way possible. I am going to ask Leann, who is the
leader of Kernel QA Team to help me out with this as soon as we get our
basic idea planned out. The proposal that I had put forth is a bit
incomplete because I don't know some parts of the puzzle that we are
going to make use other than Gooby and meta data analysis. That's why I
want to talk to you guys on Saturday. One request for Chris, can you
please elaborate on making gooby available on th website part, do you
want me to post a blog entry regarding gooby or something of such order.
One other important thing is that, the people that Chris mentioned, if
they are okay with the roles he proposed then I think we have the roles
problem out of the way. I look forward to getting this project underway
and if anyone needs help with gooby or any other software please email me.

Thanks again everyone for helping out.

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Vikram Dhillon
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