[ubuntu-florida] future ubuntu user seeking an ubuntu guru to help

Yashitaka Fong dreamphantom at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 17 03:50:16 GMT 2008


alrite...so i'm a decent windows xp user
i can do alot of stuff with downloaded programs
from download.com...but that laptop broke
so i got myself a new one...problem its vista
and i cant stand vista...so what i did was
with a friends advice i'm switching to ubuntu
i just requested a pair of cd's

I went to look at some stuff to get me ready
for ubuntu but seeing commands and all that
i got seriously confused and lost, and during
that time i also found something intresting called
compiz fusion. if someone could help me get
that and teach me the ins and outs of ubuntu
i would b much oblidged....

thx vry much...future ubuntu user

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