[ubuntu-florida] who's using Edubuntu?

mike loserboy02 at aol.com
Mon Oct 22 17:12:04 BST 2007

Periodically I see people saying that one of their local schools 
starting using Edubuntu, but it seems they never actually list the name 
or location.... so I know they're out there, but making a list might be 
I would suggest putting a post in the Education ans Science forum and 
see  what comes back. Also isn't there an Edubuntu IRC channel?

Matthew L. Avizinis wrote:
> I am working with a private school.  The cost of replacing their quite 
> old mac is quite expensive.  However, they have the money.  I am a 
> parent of one the students and they tell me the proposal I've made is 
> at least being considered at strongly as the Mac or PC options.  One 
> of the biggest advantages of the thin client network is the */large/* 
> cost savings over Apple laptops they want to get (they don't currently 
> have a network).  Fortunately I don't have to deal with a public 
> school board.  I have already demonstrated a live cd version of the OS 
> to them and they like the licensing scheme -- free.  I will be 
> providing software assistance and I have a network admin person to 
> volunteer some time.  One of the main things they're looking for is to 
> find some other folks experiences.
> Based on the amount of work that's apparently gone into it, I would've 
> thought more schools would be using it.  Oh well, I guess if they go 
> with it /they/ will be the cutting edge.
> ElementC wrote:
>> I know that the following is probably painfully obvious, but heres all
>> the information I could gather on the subject:
>> 1: Public schools in Florida all are required to go through their
>> district offices for any technological decisions. That means that
>> youre probably starting in the wrong place. However, if you metnion
>> that thin-clients are really cheap to the correct people, you might be
>> able to get them interested in a 15-20 workstation pilot test.
>> 2: http://www.edubuntu.org/GettingStarted is the best place to look if
>> you;re just getting started. you might want to try getting that set up
>> so that you have something to show if you manage to get them
>> interested (a couple of pentium IIs running from your home desktop
>> would be good enough; it impressed my contact at the SBBC fairly
>> easily, {especially when I netbooted three library computers from my
>> laptop, but that's another story] and you can usually find a few
>> pentium IIs in their dumpsters).
>> 3: Most of these tech experts are even more overworked than teachers,
>> try not to push them too hard on the first meeting. Also, don't expect
>> immediate large success, most of the larger school boards have signed
>> themselves over to M$ till xp freezes over.
>> 4: About ninety seven percent of the computers in my school district
>> are donated Pentium III and IVs from NASA, running Windows 2000 pro.
>> Two percent are larger, fater-processored machines running Windows
>> 2000 advanced server, and the remaining one percent are SLES 10.1 DNS
>> servers. The linking element: available commercial support. Don't
>> forget that Canonical does offer paid support of (ed)ubuntu servers
>> and desktops, for far less than M$ service. It may be a clenching
>> tidibit that you'll need later on.
>> 5: Remember that XP end of life is approaching. Another tidbit that
>> may come in handy is their estimated budget to become vista-ready.
>> Count the number of existing computers and multiply by $1000 for a
>> rough estimate. Remember: edubuntu upgrades are free and supported
>> almost indefinitely, besides the usual benefits of dropping their
>> antivirus licenses.
>> 6: No school board that I know of has formally attempted a linux
>> pilot. However, most have a few non-critical linux boxes kicking
>> around in use for robotics clubs, web design classes, and TV
>> production classes.
>> 7: Private schools are already running mac OSX. It ain't broke so
>> don't fix it. Although, Christian private schools might be interested
>> in Ubuntu CE. Burn em' a copy and find out about it.
>> 8: Welcome to the list!
>> Hope  I've helped in some small way.
>> Fondest Regards,
>> Casey 'ElementC' Doran,
>> Linux/education point of contact.
>> On 10/19/07, Matthew L. Avizinis <mla at gleim.com> wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> New subscriber here.
>>> I am trying to convince a small elementary school to construt/install an
>>> edubuntu thin client network.  One they want to know is who's using it.
>>> That is, they want a not necessarily exhaustive list of some schools
>>> that are already using Edubuntu so they can get some first hand account
>>> of their experiences.  I haven't been able to locate such a list yet
>>> anywhere on the edubuntu.org website.  Perhaps I've missed it or it's
>>> located elsewhere?  Can anyone here provide locations or even contact
>>> info please?
>>> Thanks much,
>>> Matthew
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