[DC LoCo] cheap computer sources (for playing with/selling/donating)

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Mon Mar 29 05:18:50 BST 2010

On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 6:35 PM, sat  wrote:

>  Phil posted a while back about (and frequently) about getting cheap
> computers and computer upgrade accessories to enable inexpensive creation of
> linux machines.
> I recently found the stolen property auction site: (maybe there's some
> ethical reason i shouldn't be patronizing them....???)
> http://www.propertyroom.com/Catalog.aspx?Category=Laptops&CategoryId=376
> with lots of cheap computer options.  i was looking at laptops. many of
> them had missing accessories and did NOT include hard drives ("nor ship with
> operating systems due to licensing rules").  but the prices are pretty
> cheap.
> i googled around the site seems all legit, and products come as described.
> relatively expensive fed ex shipping is a bummer, but i'm looking to get a
> digital camera or two for myself/family.
> anyway, thought people might want to know about this resource.  lots of
> other things for sale there, too...  and apparently there's several other
> property auction sites (through treasury dept, and other...)
> -sat jiwan
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Attention all--

Just F.Y.I.:  A friend of mine (Public disclosure:  I also have a business
relationship with him.) is sitting on a bunch of old computers.  Details are
note that that network interface cards are not included in the
price; the N.I.C.s cost extra).

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