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Thank you Mr. Cole,

We have been in contact with Mr. Dodge, and appreciate your passing on
his name regardless. That said we are not at all opposed to Linux
systems, we are simply trying to line up some reliable contacts who
can make this happen for us within the next two weeks. I understand
you are volunteering. If you want to or are willing please pass us on
to your colleague (that is  if you need to) otherwise I will be in
touch mid next week when we are ready to move.

Thank you,

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I definitely understand, and sympathize.  I wasn't proposing laptops,
necessarily. [in response to a misunderstanding that I was suggesting
XO's or the like, Brian said in essence "Laptops are too easy to
steal." -- KJC]

Although the OLPC project is focused on laptops, as the name suggests,
the other group I'm involved with (the Ubuntu Local Community) is not.
Previously, a colleague from the Ubuntu group and I set up desktops
running Ubuntu Linux at the Cleveland Park Library. We ran a computer
lab there for two years until recently, when it was announced that
they would need the space for something else.

Now we're working to set up Ubuntu Linux desktops with Kid Power DC.
At OCTO's DC Community Broadband Summit last week, the CIO of the DC
Public Library System told me that they're "going Ubuntu" -- at least
in part, and the rep from Byte Back (an adult computer training
facility) informed me that they are once again planning to offer Linux

That said, I *do* have a regular day job, and have been stretching my
volunteerism a bit.  So, I don't want to promise too much.

If you haven't already pursued it, you may want to look at Lowell
Dodge's outfit, First Time Computers (http://firsttimecomputers.org/)
over near Catholic University.  We met last summer and I tried to
pitch Linux to him.  While interested, he remains firmly in the
Microsoft camp.  He was also one of the panelists at the DC Community
Broadband Summit.

Kevin Cole, Team Contact
Ubuntu Linux DC LoCo
Washington, DC

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