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Below are the details of the Bug Jam, which will occur after the OLPC


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Thunderbirds Are Go!

(For those of you who don't watch all the junk on TV that I've seen,
here's a sample...  which, by the way, I never saw when first aired.
I only saw it a few years ago.)


Bottom line: We'll be in the same Bat-Place at the same Bat-Time as
usual, but with extended hours this time:  So, go ahead and announce.

Gallaudet University
Student Academic Center / Student Union Building (SAC/SUB)
Lower Level, Flex Rooms A and B
Saturday, February 21, 2009
10:00-13:00 OLPC LCDC
13:30-18:00 Ubuntu Bug Jam

For those who haven't been to the place before, I provide details
cobbled together from previous e-mails

* Annotated Google Map of campus: http://tinyurl.com/2ldf52

 Zoom in on the campus (where all the map confusion is). When you
 see the bluish rectangle overlaying a building, that's where we'll be:
 Student Union Building, Lower Level, Flexible Room L040 and L041.
 (If you click on the blue rectangle it links to a floor plan at

 Also, clicking on the buses on the marked route takes you to the
 Gallaudet shuttle bus schedules.  Be sure to pick the WEEKEND
 schedule to get accurate times.

* Parking: I'll double-check where official visitor parking is.  Being a
 weekend, there will be plenty, I just need to check where the "official"
 spots are. (Being a non-driver, I never remember such things.) I know for
 our previous three-day gig, Campus Security wanted people to stop by
 their office and get a pass... That seems a wee bit extreme for a three
 hour gig, but one never knows how silly or paranoid Gallaudet will be
 feeling that week.

* Note: Gallaudet, being a university for deaf students, and being in
 session at the time of our gatherings, may not be the quietest
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