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Kevin Cole kjcole at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 25 18:41:49 BST 2007

Greg Reagle wrote:
> I am concerned about duplication confusion.  So far, I am subscribed to
> this email list, but I haven't been checking these other websites.  We
> have:
> * http://www.idealist.org/en/org/168066-181
> * http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/
> * https://launchpad.net/~dcteam/
> * http://dc.ubuntuforums.org/ also known as
>   http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=252

Your point is well-taken, sir. However, I'll attempt to explain the
illogic of it. ;-)

I look at idealist.org as sort of a clearinghouse for everything under
the sun.  The folks from idealist.org who are planning to come to
Taste of India, October 5, suggested we add ourselves as a group there.

Originally, we had an open mailing list, but the "bar was too low".  The
goal -- at least at the time -- was to try to get active volunteers.
People were being signed up left and right, but never heard from again,
So, a decision was made (not by me, but I didn't object) to get people to
sign onto launchpad instead.  Eventually, it's hoped that launchpad will
handle the mailing list.  But until then, each time someone signs up at
launchpad, I'm notified that their membership is pending. I check to see
if they've provided ANY information about themselves (or have participated
already in some way).  If yes, I okay the entry in launchpad, and add them
manually to this mailing list.  If not, I write back and ask for a wee bit
more info.  The bar is still pretty low.  (P.S. Sanjay, you're not on the
list yet, but clearly involved.  I can add you if you like.)

dc.ubuntuforums.org was recommended because in order to become an
"approved" team, with such bennies as the batch of CD's I just ordered,
the Community Council wanted us to have a forum -- in addition to a
mailing list.  I thought it a bit silly and unnecessary, but the CC
wanted it, as I recall. It's sort of underutilized, but was handy for
the month that the mailing list was off-line.

So, this mailing list and http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/ are supposed to be
the main sources, and everything else is sort of fluff for people to
find their way here... sort of.

I'm open to rearranging things, but would like to hear from other
voices -- especially those of you lurking quietly on the mailing list
who have yet to speak up. Mayhaps adding some carefully worded pointers
somewhere will help. What say ye all?

P.S. Matt, since NoIdeaYet did not leave an e-mail address (whence last I
     checked) I cannot add him/her to the mailing list...
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