8/25 Cogan Fair and SCOSUG

Bruce Lerner bruce.lerner at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 05:42:44 BST 2007

Since I didn't get any negative feedback on posting both to the forum and
the group - here I go again.
Follow the links for graphics/photos.

Two Loco members, Deb and I, staffed a
table<http://brucelerner.hopto.org/loco/table.JPG>at the Cogan
Fair <http://brucelerner.hopto.org/loco/floor.jpg> at the
Ct Expo Center on Saturday. We displayed Ubuntu and Kubuntu on 3
systems, (one that was running Kanotix for a while until we wrestled
Feisty on it). I left a little after 1pm. We'd handed out `15 CDs
(supplied by Deb) and ~40 business
cards<http://brucelerner.hopto.org/loco/LoCo-card.JPG>with the loco
wiki link. Deb
can let us know if there was more traffic in the afternoon. We met a
number of members of the Danbury Area Computer Society <http://dacs.org/> (
dacs.org). I
had a good time actually seeing another LoCo member, meeting other
Linux users, talking to those not ready for it and connecting with
people who wandered in from my past. The Cogan Fair people were
supportive. I'd recommend a turn at the table to any of you.

After the show, I made my way down to the SCOSUG picnic to re-
introduce myself and see if there might be an opportunity to share our
experiences and leverage our memberships. It seems like there is an
opportunity here, especially if we could offer a short presentation.
The SCOSUG meeting location has changed and is still under
construction, but it sounds like there could be a meeting in October.
We should plan to meet up there (Wallingford). It gives us a couple of
months to organize.

Props to Deb for sticking with the Cogan activity and especially for
spending some vacation time there.

If there are others ready to step up this activity, please get
involved in the conversation.

bruce.lerner at
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