[CoLoCo] How to roll back some packages to Gutsy

Kevin Fries kfries at cctus.com
Fri Sep 19 14:37:48 BST 2008

> Is there I way I can roll back cups (or the gimpprint drivers) to
> Gutsy but keep the rest of my systems on Hardy?  And then have them
> not upgrade until I say so?

Is there a way? Yes

Is it a good idea? I would have to say no.

Remember when you mix distro versions, you risk causing multiple dependency problems.  Packages that have nothing to do with your original problem now stop updating because it relies on a library that relies on a library that relies on a library that was held back.  I have seen this situation happen far too often.  You will probably have an easier time fixing the original problem than you will dealing with the ramifications of this action.

Debian has addressed this issue.  They did so thinking that people would want to go the opposite way.  Therefore these instructions almost imply that you would have a stable system, and you would be adding some Sid or testing packages.  Concentrate on sections 3.8-3.10


But again, I do not think this is a very sustainable solution over the long run.

Kevin Fries

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