[CoLoCo] PWN to OWN - Ubuntu laptop wins as OSX and Vista laptops fall

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Sat Mar 29 23:23:08 GMT 2008

The Ubuntu laptop was the final laptop standing as the Vista and OSX laptops
were successfully compromised in the PWN to OWN contest at the CanSecWest

Here are the two pages about the results -

Here is a little bit about the competition from DV Labs site (
This year's PWN to 0WN contest will begin on March 26th, the first day of
the CanSecWest conference. The contest includes three laptops, running the
most up to date and patched installations of MacOS X Leopard, Windows Vista,
and Ubuntu Linux:

   - VAIO VGN-TZ37CN running Ubuntu 7.10
   - Fujitsu U810 running Vista Ultimate SP1
   - MacBook Air running OSX 10.5.2

The main purpose of this contest is to responsibly unearth new
vulnerabilities within these systems so that the affected vendor(s) can
address them.

To claim a laptop as your own, you will need to read the contents of a
designated file on each system through exploitation of a 0day code execution
vulnerability (ie: no directory traversal style bugs).  Each laptop will
only have a direct wired connection (exposed through a crossover cable) and
only one person may attack each system at a time so that each team's exploit
remains private....
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