[CoLoCo] Trouble with Hardy in Qemu

David Overcash funnylookinhat at gmail.com
Sat Jun 14 17:25:20 BST 2008

Same here....  and the alternate installer is faster too since I don't have
to wait for the GUI to boot up and detect my entire system...  I'm glad that
Ubuntu keeps the text-installer around.  :)


On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 10:11 AM, Collins Richey <crichey at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just my $.02. I never use anything but the Alternate Installer. Who
> except for brain dead mouse pushers needs to boot to a gui livecd in
> order to install a system to disk. Obviously there are other benefits
> of a livecd, but (IMO) installation is not one of them. The alternate
> installer (AFAIK) uses the advance Debian installer that has just
> worked for a long time now. Sigh, probably not even worth $.02.
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> Collins Richey
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