[CoLoCo] SchoolFusion vs. Drupal other FOSS

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Wed Dec 17 17:16:16 GMT 2008

This could lead to a possible job but the probability at this point is low.
However, I first need to collect some info. Our district adopted a canned
program called SchoolFusion to host our website (
http://www.weldre4.k12.co.us). Some of us felt that we could have
accomplished something similar for less buy contracting with someone locally
to set this up using Drupal or something similar. Can anyone comment on how
much work it would take to build a site like ours with similar functionality
(students/teachers can also log in and upload files and assignments and we
have rudimentary blogging tools, for example)? How much would it cost to
contract someone to do that and then to retain them "on call" for any future
upgrades, changes, bug fixes, etc? I don't know the cost for SchoolFusion
but in our next meeting I hope to bring it up, and I want to be able to
compare that with a local solution.


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