[CoLoCo] help confirming a small bug in gnome

Andrew keen101 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 03:46:16 BST 2007

anyone want to help me confirm a small bug that I've found in gnome?

I've already repoted it on launchpad, but if I can get some people to
confirm it on launchpad, then it may speed things up.

OK, When I create a custom launcher on my desktop, and then drag it up
onto the top panel it seems to be copied fine. But, sometimes (about 50%
of the time) after I restart the custom launcher has "dissapeared" from
the panel. Here's the thing... It has become invisible. If I have kept a
copy of the custom launcher on my desktop, and go to drag it onto the
same spot as before, then the new copy AND the old copy apear on the
panel. So, in effect there are two on the panel, and the original on the

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