[CoLoCo] Kubuntu?

Dave Vanderploeg dave.vanderploeg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 00:04:54 BST 2007

I guess I'll keep running KDE apps in Gnome for now. Sounds like people
think thats OK.

The main problem I have with Rhythmbox is that if you already have a track
on your iPod (even if you added it through Rhythmbox the first time) it
doesn't recognize it and adds a duplicate.

For F-spot, I have over 60 gigs of photos, and I need to be able to view
them separated by their original folders. Picasa is great on Windows but
doesn't integrate tightly enough with the OS on Linux.

If anyone has any other ideas or program suggestions let me know.



On 9/12/07, Brett Trigg <brett_trigg at comcast.net> wrote:
>  Hi Dave,
>     I started with Kubuntu and have it on an old ThinkPad and I like it.
>     On my main PC, though, I use gnome.
>     Here are the differences and advantages as I see them:
>     Gnome is cleaner but can be sparse.  In my KDE menu, for example, I
> have a bunch of stuff that I don't want or need but I either installed it
> out of curiosity and didn't uninstall or it came with KDE by default.  KDE
> seems more "Windows"-ish, which was appealing to me at first.  But on my
> gnome machine, I have the programs I want and nothing more.  Having said
> that, I tend to hunt for programs sometimes if I didn't install them through
> the Add/Remove programs.  In KDE, stuff just seemed to populate in the menus
> and it was easier to find them.
>     I love amaroK too, but have gotten used to Rhythmbox (and would switch
> to Listen if it would allow me to have my media on a network share).
>     I love digiKam as well, but I also like F-Spot and gThumb.
>     Final opinion: KDE looks overdone to me while gnome looks a tad
> underdone.
>     It all boils down to preference.  At this point, I'm a gnome guy with
> a soft spot for KDE.
>     As I understand it, though, you could run the apps you want on the
> desktop you prefer.
>     Am I wrong in this assumption?
> On Wed, 2007-09-12 at 15:09 -0600, Dave Vanderploeg wrote:
> Hey, I have a few questions I wanted to ask:
> 1) Are you guys manually adding the [CoLoCo] to the subject of your
> messages, or is it automatic? I added it this time because I wasn't sure,
> and I haven't generated a message in a while.
> 2) Does anyone here use Kubuntu? I've been using Ubuntu for a while but
> I've never found a program for controlling my iPod until I tried Amarok last
> night. It's awesome. I don't really have a photo manager I like either and
> digiKam looks fairly good. So, I need to know what I'm losing if I switch?
> Any other generic advice about Kubuntu would be great, too. I tried reading
> some gnome vs kde threads and found them to have surprisingly little
> information. I'm just looking for practical advice.
> Dave.
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