[CoLoCo] new handout cards?

Jim Hutchinson jim at ubuntu-rocks.org
Thu Nov 29 05:08:13 GMT 2007

> the first one is a card that came in the mail for comcast Internet. I think
> it could be pretty neat to hand out one similar that says "you may use this
> card at anytime during Microsoft frustration".

Nice idea, Andrew. It would go well with the "billboard" shirts that
have yet to happen. If someone inquires you just hand them a card with
contact info, web site or whatever. The holiday ones would be cool to
set out in stores that you frequent and would let you set them on the
counter. They too should have some contact info on the back.

I recently added a page to my as-yet-unprofitable business site saying
I do volunteer support for non-profit groups. I can help them set up a
browser, clean out viruses and show them some OSS while there and
install what they are interested in. Perhaps we could do cards
offering that too. It might not be pushing Ubuntu directly, but get
some OSS in front of them and be sure to say "ubuntu" once or twice
while you are there.

We can bring this up at the next IRC meeting, but if we want to the
holiday cards we need to get moving quickly.



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