[Ubuntu Chicago] The Great Ubuntu Bike Ride: Part II

Steve Woodruff swoody at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 23 04:06:34 BST 2010

Well, it sounds like everyone had a great time during our first bike ride! I
thought it was about time we start organizing another one so we can get it
in before this nice weather is over. It's a rare thing for us to have
weather that's neither humid or freezing, so we should take advantage of it
while we can.

I know the idea had been tossed around to put together another bike ride -
this time maybe in Chicago. I just wanted to kick off the discussion, I'm
not a city-guy so I'm not familiar with good paths or routes we can pedal,
or where we could find some great stops along the way. If you have any ideas
on good trails, please let us know. We can start a brainstorm like we did
before and pick a route that we feel would fit the group best. Let's also
start thinking about a time frame that would work out with everyone. We need
to keep the weather nice, but give enough time for everyone to make plans to

What would everyone think about September 5th? Any later and I fear we may
be starting to tempt this Chicago autumn. If the weather doesn't look so
fortunate, maybe we can have the following Sunday (12th) as a backup-day?

Opinions, thoughts, comments, rants, annoying sounds, all welcome! :D

- Woody
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