[Ubuntu Chicago] Ubuntu Chicago Jam?

swoody swoody at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 12 01:13:03 BST 2010

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My apologies everyone for not making it to the Jam today. My parents
weren't aware of my plans to go downtown today, so they asked me to help
them clean out the garage. I figured it would take a couple hours and that
I could still make it to the jam by noon or 1. I started out at just after
9 this morning, and just finished 15 minutes ago :( Between cleaning out
the garage and the shed, then reorganizing them both, and then tackling a
ton of yard work, this unfortunately turned into an day-long event. My
plans of hanging out with a bunch of geeks and playing with computers
turned into manual labor and sore feet :(

I really hope you guys had a great time, and got a bunch of work done!
Again, my apologies for not being able to make it down there. I'm really
looking forward to the release party, and hopefully nothing will try to
ruin that day for me ;)

- Woody

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