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Corey Gallon corey at coreygallon.com
Fri Oct 2 04:23:26 BST 2009

I second Eddie's sentiments.  I've an eye on packing a particular piece of software for Ubuntu and I'd really like to walk away from the Jam with a clear mind toward how to accomplish this goal.

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richard if it's not too much trouble (i can see how it might be too
late for this) I would like to do some intermediate/advaced packaging
work. Ive seen he introductory videos and the ubuntu open week stuff
but I would like to see some more advanced stuff if possible. This
being the END of the release cycle though, I dont expect there too be
much of that stuff left to do.

-eddie m.

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 9:43 PM, Richard JOHNSON <nixternal at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> For those of you coming on Sunday to the Global Jam, what would you like
> to see or do?
> Some thoughts are:
>  * Community and Getting Involved
>   - Artwork
>   - Documentation
>   - Bug Triage
>   - Packaging
>  * Tools used:
>   - Artwork
>   - Documentation
>   - Bug triage
>   - Packaging
>  * ....
> Some of these will be introductory and brief of course, so we can get a
> fulls day worth of work in. We are thinking that some of us will lead a
> session where we show, and then the 2nd half of the session we get everyone
> involved with doing.
> Pass on some of your ideas!
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