[Ubuntu Chicago] Revival Attempt

Richard Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Thu Oct 23 15:39:23 BST 2008

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to send this email to the list to inform everyone that I am
going to be working on an attempt to revive Ubuntu Chicago and will be
hijacking the team and taking back over since Eddie is super busy with

With that said what I will need in the near future is some assistance on
getting the LoCo team back on its feet. If you have any ideas that you
think will help this team succeed as it once did in the past, please do
not hesitate to add them in response to this email. People of all
different backgrounds are needed in order to make this attempt
successful. If you are brand new to Ubuntu you can definitely help us
mold the team by offering your pros and cons about what you have
witnessed thus far.

I will work on getting the wiki pages updated, redesigning the website,
and creating a "plan of attack."

If everything goes as planned, I would like to schedule a meeting
sometime in the near future. As I work downtown I am available to hold a
meeting in the city and since I live in the burbs I am available for a
meeting there as well. A neutral ground will be best, but unfortunately
that has never worked out in the past. If need be, we can hold a meeting
in the city followed up by a meeting in the burbs or vice-versa, this
way I can take everything discussed in one meeting out to the other.

If you have a venue we could borrow for a few hours, or know of a
location (Starbucks, or some other place where we can gather) let us
know and we will work on getting that setup.

I appologize for the lack of organization around here of late and will
work to get this back in motion. For this I will need Eddie and Jim to
provide a hand if possible since they are both originators and leaders
of this team. Also Kevin Harris from Foresight is even interested in
helping out get the team back on its feet.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out in the past and hopefully you will
continue to help out as I attempt to take this team forward, and I
definitely look forward to meeting with new members of our community in
the coming weeks.

Rich Johnson
nixternal at kubuntu.org
GPG: 2E2C0124
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