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Andrew Bassett awbassett at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 21:27:12 GMT 2008

I don't travel too often on weekends anymore, so I'll plan on being there.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 3:15 PM, Rich Johnson <nixternal at kubuntu.org> wrote:

> Oldmanstan: Bail Money!!! That rocks! You know us all to well :)  If
> you can't make it physically, we will also be working out of the IRC
> channel so you can still participate.
> Jim, you know what to do! :)
> Kevin, ya forgot the one "s" so sue me!
> I think we can pull this off hardcore. I really like the ID offices
> because of the quality of the spaces and the projectors. It would be
> cool if you had a dual projector room there, but not major.
> Some of the things I would like to do prior to then is have a meeting.
> Maybe if people show up on Saturday at the GLUG meeting, maybe we can
> have a little discussion. I would also like to get people who are
> interested to make sure of the following:
>  - You have an account on https://launchpad.net
>  - You are a part of the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team -
> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-chicago<https://launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-chicago>
>  - You are familiar with the operations of Launchpad
>  - Install and configure 5-a-day - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/5-A-Day
> If you have any questions, feel free to email separate from this and
> to the list so we can help you.
> Also, Jim can you add me back as an admin to the LP team :)  Thank you!
> O'Hare would rock because that is out by my house, however we have a
> lot of people in the city, and we are Ubuntu Chicago, not Ubuntu
> Bensenville or Melrose Park :p  It is easy to take the Metra in to the
> city and take your quick 6 block walk to ID. I would rather use public
> transportation than use our cars and pollute this beautiful city. The
> politicians are dirty enough, we don't need to make it dirtier :p
> Thanks everyone!
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