[Ubuntu Chicago] Global Bug Jam

Kevin Harriss special.kevin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 21:00:27 GMT 2008

Hey all,

First off I want to say that I think this is a great idea and I hope
everybody comes out to help.

On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 12:04 PM, Rich Johnson <nixternal at kubuntu.org> wrote:
> Hey Everyone,
> I am planning to include the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo team in the Global
> Bug Jam that will run the weekend of February the 20th. I plan to
> start the bug jam on Friday, February 20th in the early evening, and
> run for a few hours. Then we can pick back up on Saturday and finish
> up on Sunday. What I need is the following:
>  * A venue
>    - Allow us to stay late (possibly overnight?)
>    - Allow food and drink (maybe some brewhahahas?)
>    - Cheap, Free is better
>    - Internet access (the faster the better)

I can talk to my boss and I might be able to get us a spot at the
Institute of Design.  This is where we hold the Chicago LUG meetings.
It would be helpful to know about how many people would be interested
so I know about how big a room we would need.

>  * Enough people interested
>    - If you are new, don't worry, there should be enough of us to
> help guide you along

I was talking with Rich about this over lunch today and the plan is to
have upstream contacts there to help guide people along.  We will help
you determine if the bug is an upstream bug and where to look for a
fix or report it.

>    - I would like to see at least 10 people total if possible. I
> would like to see:
>        - Eddie/Freddie Martinez
>        - Jim Campbell
>        - Kevin Harris

First off it is Kevin Harriss and yes I should be there.  I will lend
my knowledge with Gnome and some of the server software in Ubuntu

>        - Nathan Handler (if you can't make it, I understand, but
> please if you can be available via IRC)
>        - anyone else who has some greater Linux experience/bug
> triaging experience

I would also like to see people report if they are would be able to
work as an Upstream contact for a project.  This way we can get a
gauge of what project to focus and advertise towards.

- Kevin Harriss: Gnome, Sever Technology/Apps
- Rich Johnson: KDE
- Cezar Jenkins: Django

I know there are other upstream developers in Chicago that work on
technologies used under Ubuntu.  For instance, banshee and drupal both
have developers in Chicago.  It would be great to get this contacts
here to help out even if they don't run Ubuntu.

>  * Your support
>    - If you would like to help in the planning of such an event,
> please let me know!

I am willing to help plan the event.  If we would like to have an
inperson meeting to discuss this event I would suggest that we meet
before a Chicago LUG meetings since I can have us meet in the same

>    - If you don't know what to do, don't worry, we can help
> If you have any ideas or anything further to add, please do. I would
> like to see us totally kick ass on that weekend and take the top
> award. What that award is I don't know, but considering I have enough
> connections, I should be able to get us some schwag. If I can't, then
> we will all leave Ubuntu for Windows! :p
> Thanks!
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