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Fri Oct 19 04:17:47 BST 2007

I just installed it on my Toshiba laptop, and everything is working except for sound; for some reason the volume is way low.  I did a search on the net and haven't found a fix for it.  Sound was working fine under Feisty.

Our sysadmin at my company upgraded a server from Feisty last week, and after the upgrade, the Apache, PHP and Bacula config files were overwritten. He is really P.O'ed about it...this definitely turned him off of Ubuntu.

So, I don't think its ready for release just yet.

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> Heh, you didn't miss much, everyone missed it but me and Mr. Lee.
> Ya know I figure I'll throw my two cents in...
> I was very happy when my wireless card worked when I went through restricted
> drivers manager, but honestly, the wifi reception couldn't be worse.  All of
> a sudden I hardly get wifi in my livingroom where I once got full signal.
> And i was amazed when the new codecs manager took into account my 64bit-ness
> and installed nspluginwrapper for me. (stable-y too.)
> overall its a huge step forward, at least for this dell.  but what the hell
> with the wifi thing. grr.
> originally i had a few problems with login but all of that has been fixed
> with updates (ya know, normal beta problems)
> overall I must say I'm proud of this release
> anyone else wanna throw in their opinion?
> On 10/16/07, Jason Crow <jcrowre at comcast.net> wrote:
> >
> >  All,
> > I am sorry to have missed the meeting last Sunday due to it being the
> > in-law's birthdays. I am not a developer, rather a power user who hates
> > Microsoft and I have been using Ubuntu since the Feisty release.  I would
> > like to share my experience with my upgrade to Gusty today.  I have a
> > Gateway Turion 64X2 laptop with an ATI Xpress 1150 card and the broadcom
> > BC-43XX wireless. I was running Feisty 64 bit with Compiz fusion from
> > trevino's repository on XGL, using NDISWrapper for the wireless card. I used
> > the alternate CD to upgrade to Gusty. With the upgrade, I did not change
> > anything with the restricted drivers as I had the ATI one enabled and the
> > wireless card was still working - I think with NDISWrapper. The new desktop
> > effects were sort of working and I wanted to use CCSM. I had a hard time
> > making it work because it was somehow installing the one from Trevino's
> > repository, even though I had disabled it. After removing it and installing
> > the correct one, everything worked, but there were only two sides to the
> > cube which was easily fixed and some other settings that I needed to update,
> > but my wallpaper and cube cap settings were still there.
> >
> > *Comments on other software*
> > Openoffice 2.3 - Works fine
> > Virtualbox - I had to recompile which was not hard to do as it prompts you
> > what to do.
> > Evolution - I recently changed companies and my current employer uses
> > exchange, which has been driving me crazy by locking up evolution. The new
> > version seems WAY faster and more stable. It also gives you the option to
> > put the signature BEFORE the attached messages!
> > Printing / Cups - I have had some intermittent problems with the network
> > (windows) printers on feisty and gusty, but it seems to be working now.
> >
> >
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