[Ubuntu Chicago] 11th Annual Toys for Tots BBQ

Eddie Martinez eddiemartinez at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 07:30:41 GMT 2007

Maybe I can make it out for the afterparty. That is the same day as
the Loco meeting, so I'm not sure when/if I will be free.

also im worried about that 'adults only' after 7pm bit.

good luck chad.

On 11/26/07, Chad Sutton <chadarius at gmail.com> wrote:
>  What, may you ask, does this party have anything to do with Linux? Well
> have you heard of "Free as in Freedom, Free as in Beer"? Well this is the
> FREE BEER part. Just bring a new unwrapped toy to the party and you drink
> and eat for free all night. Also, if you come during the Family Fun part you
> will see me and my wife dressed up as Mr and Mrs Claus.
>  This is the 11th year my friends and I have put this event on. It gets
> bigger and better every year. Last year we were able to donate $35,000 worth
> of toys to the U.S. Marine's Toys for Tots Program. And we had a really
> really really fun time doing it.
>  Party Info:
>  11th Annual Toys for Tots BBQ
>  December 1st, 2007
>  3PM - ?
>  The Piano Man
>  3801 N. Clark St.
>  Chicago, IL
>  Free admission with new, unwrapped toy.
>  $25 at the door without toy
>  Family Fun starts at 3pm
>  Magician, face painting, games, goodie bags, and Santa!
>  Adults only after 7pm
>  Live Music starts at 8pm. Raffle at 11(ish)
>  Official Donation link http://bigkids.pbwiki.com/FrontPage
>  Now tax deductible!
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> Later,
> Chad Sutton
> csutton at chadarius.com
> http://chadarius.com
> http://stephandchadsutton.com
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