[Ubuntu Chicago] Software Freedom Day

Max Luebbe max.luebbe at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 18:29:02 BST 2007

I'd be interested if there was a hackathon.
If the meeting ends up not being in the city, I am offering to have a
hackathon at Panera or somewhere else with free wireless with anyone who is

I'm open to suggestions, but I'd like to work on this:

I'm interested in trying to separate evolution as a hard dependency, and
adding support for thunderbird. Depending on time, also some bugfixes.

Anyone interested?

On 7/28/07, Freddy Martinez <freddymartinez9 at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> I'm in!  I think its a great idea to get the people using and
> developing free software to get together for a meeting.  Sort of a
> BarCamp style meeting where anything goes. Here are some possible
> topics:
> * Getting started developing free software (lightning talks maybe)
> * How so you use Free Software? (it would be cool to get people in
> the industry to say what their developed products look like)
> * Emacs vs. Vim
> * What other Free Software tools exist (i.e. XMMP instead of oscar)
> * Free Software beyond the computer. (Mobile and Embedded for
> example: OpenMoko and Neuros come to mind)
> * Threats to freedom: Treacherous computing, Digital Restrictions
> Management, RFID
> Another idea: get sponsored!   It would rock to get someone like
> Google to provide food and drink (may need to listen to their talks
> though) or some other Chicago area company providing bandwidth.  Maybe
> some company can contribute to the the LoCo or buy me a laptop to work
> on :)
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> Best,
> Freddy Martinez
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