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hopefully this works, the list has rejected all my emails. Can anyone make a
presentation or demonstrate XGL or AIGLX? Thanks.

On 9/15/06, Andrew Bassett <andrew at abassett.org> wrote:
> To expand on this - I personally think Des Plaines area is great for
> something like this (No, I don't live in Des Plaines :) ). 90 and 294
> are real close, there is a Blue Line stop, Metra and even O'hare :)
> Another nice thing is that parking at the hotel shouldn't be an issue.
> Not to knock on the people that live downtown, but there needs to be
> some sort of compromise in the middle of the suburbanites and the
> downtown folks. Maybe we could switch between a centrally located
> suburban location and somewhere in Chicago.
> I'd also like to thank Jason for his work in all of this.
> -AB
> On Thu, 2006-09-14 at 17:34 -0500, Jason Czajkowski wrote:
> > We all know that this is the CHICAGO Ubuntu group and all though the
> > location isn't in the "Heart" of the city it is still only 3 mins away
> > from The Chicago City Limits and close to "City" transportation. We're
> > trying to make it possible for both the people of the city and the
> > people of the suburbs (nixternal in Aurora) to make it to these
> > events. That's why we've been trying to arrange things in the middle.
> > Of course, we'll make are way into the city at some point. But, we're
> > gonna have to get some people intrested in the first place. When we
> > had our first meeting only 1 or 2 people complained that it wasn't "In
> > the City" that was only 20% if there was more intrest and motivation
> > then we could hold it "downtown" but then you'd have people from the
> > suburbs complaining. It's a No-Win situation and I hate to see people
> > no get involved because it's not close enough for them. If anyone
> > needs a ride from the River Road Train station (Blue Line) that day
> > I'll be more then happy to pick them up.
> >
> > Jason
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> Thanks,
> Andrew Bassett
> andrew at abassett.org
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