[Ubuntu-US-CA] 2017 Election and Ubuntu Hour Apple Valley

charlie contact at charlieluna.com
Tue Jul 25 01:07:39 UTC 2017

Hey everyone!! First of all, I'd love to say this to Nathan Haines:
Congratulations on winning the vote! You're absolutely the better
candidate between the two of us and it was a pleasure to put my name in
the hat for this and I'm very happy you secured the position. Your
knowledge and experience are exemplary and I'm very proud to be under
your leadership. A round of applause and celebatory party is in order
for you if we get the chance to do so for you!

I'm also very proud to announce that I'm hosting my very first Ubuntu
Hour meeting this Saturday, July 29, 2017 at the Starbucks located at
12218 Apple Valley Road, Suite A, Apple Valley. It's located across the
street from Stater Bros, Del Taco and Lowe's but if you've got GPS,
you'll be able to find it if you don't know where it's at. It starts at
14:00 PDT and ends at 15:00 PDT. Perhaps in the future I can bring some
swag if I can get my hands on some to give to any attendees. 

This information is also located on our team wiki and meetup.com and if
you've got any questions, please feel free to contact me about it here
or our other communications channels. 

I hope to see anyone there!! 


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