[Ubuntu-US-CA] 2017 Election for Leadership

charlie contact at charlieluna.com
Mon Jul 10 05:14:44 UTC 2017

Hello all!! My name is Charlie Luna. I’m running in the election for a
leadership position and I feel that I’m a great candidate to take on
that role because of my following experience and ideas: 

I come from a long history of working in manufacturing and being part
of teams and contributing to our goals. At my former employer, SMC
Corporation in Indiana, I sat on two committees in charge of creating a
new floor plan to increase productivity through better work-flow of the
product to reducing the amount of errors in the production of the
various parts. Both agendas had goals and those goals were met 100%. 

Leadership is something I grew up around with people who took the lead
when it was asked of them to do so or when they saw they needed to step
up to that plate to do it. No, it’s not genetic, but I feel at times
that I need and want to step up to that role to get things moving
towards a goal and perhaps present some ideas that get implemented like
some of my ideas were when I was sitting on the aforementioned
committees. I love being challenged and I love being part of a team.
And most of all, I love the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

My father was the Fire Chief of my hometown’s Fire Department for over
15 years.
My stepbrother has been my hometown’s Chief of Police for nearly 30
My mother is a business manager for a large company.
My uncle is a Lieutenant in the National Guard.
For myself, I was the Team Lead and Head Technical Officer for a
paranormal research group.

My Associate’s Degree is in Manufacturing and Industrial Technologies
with the focus on CNC setup, programming and operation. I began a quest
to find a Linux system for this industry even at that time.

I came across Ubuntu desktop over 10 years ago and when I found it, I
immediately made it the ONLY operating system I used and I’ve been in
love with it ever since and I’ve never regretted it. 

My favorite OS is by far Ubuntu Gnome and I’m very happy to see that
Ubuntu Desktop is changing back to it, even though I did like the Unity
interface. After switching to Gnome, I found that this is by far THE
epitome of an operating system and I know the merge between the two is
going to be phenomenal!

Now, for my ideas, they churn perpetually like the great, wide, blue
ocean! One of my biggest pet projects is promotion. This project is two
fold in nature. Side one involves promoting Ubuntu, the operating
system, hard and heavy. How do we do this? Ubuntu Hours. Local
conventions. Getting promotional materials from Sharebuntu and hand
them out! Create installation parties at your house or in a local
establishment. Create swag packages and take them to businesses and
give them out. Or simply, just wear a t-shirt with the ubuntu logo
printed on it or one of the mascots. And there’s more!

The other side, promote our team! We’ve got to view ourselves like a
sports team and put our information in front of as many people as
possible. Those team members become walking and talking billboard
signs. They glow with enthusiasm like the bright, neon lights that pump
out a psychedelic palette of colors that dazzle our eyes.

All of this comes down to one thing: I want to be in a role of
leadership for you, our team and for Ubuntu. But why? I know that our
team needs to be re-energized and I bring an enthusiastic,
knowledgeable and youthful desire to reinvigorate our passion for this
cause. To further spread the benefits of open source software and give
this world a real chance to have an industrial strength operating
system that increases safety and speed along with being absolutely
free! I'm a leader that this team desperately needs.

Please vote for me on election day.

Charlie Luna. Candidate for the 2017 Leadership Election.

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